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Apr 7, 2009 2:40pm

Well, my to-do list is all shot to hell

Here is the list I made yesterday:

Wake up at a reasonable hour and drive to Cleveland

Take placement tests for math classes

Request my background check for EMT classes

Get departmental permission for EMT classes

Talk to advisor about best classes to take and what order

Check MCAT prep course schedule

Get copies of my FSA reciepts to submit to BoA (Pearle Vision, Walgreens, Colonial)

Take pictures of available Internet stock so I can work while I’m at Libby’s

The crossed out stuff has been done, mostly. I didn’t actually get to speak to an advisor. I called an waited on hold for a half and hour and then went online and scheduled an appointment for Thursday. I’ll get the other Cleveland stuff done then and maybe even have lunch with dad.

I stayed up all day yesterday and went to sleep around midnight. I then woke up at the crack of one, with my dream of a productive day melting as I achieved conciousness. I’m gonna see how far I get setting up the lightbox and taking pictures.

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Apr 6, 2009 4:56pm

Uh-oh. Sounds like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays.

It’s been a very long day. I stayed up all night reading (which happens when I get new books) and only slept an hour before my dentist appointment this morning. He did not give me good news. There’s a lot of work to be done on my mouth and it’s going to be expensive. I was afraid there was going to be stuff to take care of, but I had no idea it was this bad.

I came home with an aching jaw, a terrible headache and swimming vision. I cammed with Les for a bit and had lunch and diet dr pepper, all of which helped. I was all out of sorts from being exhausted and he was upset with me for not taking care of myself. I promised to walk the dog and e-file my taxes and go right to bed. Walking Petie didn’t take long, but finishing my taxes took more than two hours. And now I’m all done and Internet cruising and Les will probably pull a face ifanwhen he reads this. Sorry, honey.

In better news, my TriC acceptance came today - including the precious student ID number. I can get stuff moving on registration.

Tomorrow I need to:

Wake up at a reasonable hour and drive to Cleveland

Take placement tests for math classes

Request my background check for EMT classes

Get departmental permission for EMT classes

Talk to advisor about best classes to take and what order

Check MCAT prep course schedule

Get copies of my FSA reciepts to submit to BoA (Pearle Vision, Walgreens, Colonial)

Take pictures of available Internet stock so I can work while I’m at Libby’s

It’s not a crazy huge list, but there’s plenty to do. I know I can get it all done if I put my mind too it. And get up early. I will probably stay up as long as I can in hopes of resetting my sleep schedule. I’m almost back on an SA schedule again - I just want to be with my honey.

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Feb 20, 2009 9:54am

Parental Arrival is Imminent!

They’re almost here! They land Sunday. Les and I are pretty booked up until then, so I’m sure the time will fly by.

We’re out to dinner with Jocelyn tonight and in Pretoria tomorrow. Les has a L5r tournament and I’m to spend the afternoon with Elizabeth. Then we’re off to a birthday party for a two-year-old. (I’m making her a bright pink Bubby. It’s almost done except for one foot and I haven’t done the face embroidery yet.) After the birthday party, Les and I will be meeting up with Roland and Maz, probably out to dinner again, to the chagrin of my ailing checking account.

On Sunday, we’re going to the Snake expo at Rosebank mall, then probably bumming around until it’s time to pick the ‘rents up at the airport. I’m pretty sure that everything’s taken care of at this point - the hotel and b&b have been reserved for Joburg, the apartment’s done for Cape Town and Dad’s reserved the cars. We just need to find a place to stay in Durban and Les is on that now.

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Feb 13, 2009 12:39pm

Happy Valentine’s Day! (Slightly Early)

Hey to all and happy Valentine’s day. This post maybe be a little broken up, as I’m watching the new Top Chef. (addiction…)

I’ve been out of contact for several days due to some issues on this side of the Atlantic. Les and I were in a car accident on Tuesday and that made things a little tougher. It wasn’t a serious accident in the crash/bang sense, we just hit a guy’s bumper, putting a dent into his car and breaking the new headlight on the Brave Little Toaster. (Not the old headlight. The one we just had replaced. Of course.) The financial repercussions of the accident were more serious. The brakes had gone out (allowing us to hit the guy in the first place) and we don’t have any money right now. Also, Les has to pay for the damage to the other guy’s car.  The car is now fixed and we got it back today. We put it on my credit card and Les promises to pay it off right away.

Despite being broke and po’, Les and I have fun things planned for tomorrow. No plans for the morning yet, but we’ll be going to the Planetarium in the afternoon and having a nice Woolworth’s dinner at home. Nothing huge, but it’ll be nice. If the weather decides to be agreeable, we could even have a little picnic in the backyard.

In other news: The arrival of the parents is imminent! More plans have been made for their stay - We’ll be making a quick trip to Durban after we come back from Cape Town. Les and I had been talking about it before, but nixed the idea to give everyone more time to relax. Then the Durban office called up and begged him to do training the first week in March, so it was settled. It’ll be busy while they’re here, but I’m sure we’ll have a very nice time.

I’m excited about going home and seeing pets and people. I really miss Oprah. Really, really miss her. I’m going to drive over to Libby and Jeff’s and stay there for, like, a week. (Probably not a whole week.)

I’ve gotta go! Later!

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Feb 13, 2009 10:43am
Feb 4, 2009 4:26am


Really this time.

Where to start …

Registration at UNISA for this semester failed miserably. I was unaware that all of my previous academic activity needed to be evaluated by SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority) before UNISA would accept them. Because this process takes an average of 4 weeks and I wasn’t aware/didn’t bully it out of someone until the week before registration closed, I’m benched until next semester. I can use this time to have things evaluated and submit a work and study visa, which will help things in the future where money and school are concerned.

Arwen definitely wants me as her PA, and I’m excited about the job. I went over to her place for a job explanation, etc, from her current PA. Things look good, I just wish I wasn’t leaving the country for 6 weeks before the job starts. Her current PA is leaving at the end of Feb, five days before I leave the country. Ah, well, she kept me waiting just as long to hear if I still had the job, and the tickets were already bought. C’est la vie. (I think that’s right. Libby will correct me otherwise.)

I’ve been doing a decent amount of knitting recently, I’m glad I brought some books, needles and a small stash. I’m itching for the rest of my stuff, especially my how-to-design book. My ideas are getting more and more specific and it’ll just be easier if I can make my own stuff up.

Knitting projects are going fairly well, with one exception. A tank top gift I made is tragically huge and I’m not sure what I should do with it. I’ll probably end up frogging and redoing it, but I hesitate as it took forever and was really boring to knit. Smaller projects have been more successful. I made my first pair of hand accesories - some fingerless mittens requested by Amy. They turned out very cool. Dom’s gloves will follow. I made a tiny bear, which turned out well in itself, but was not particularly suitable for its original purpose. I gave it away to a woman on the street and I hope it makes its way to a baby. Ulrich’s Knithulu is a big hit everywhere, and Les wants one too. Les also wants a sweater and ignores curse talk.

My Project Queue (as it stands today)

1. Pentagonal Coasters for Gael - In progress

2. Bear for Ruth

3. Dom’s gloves

4. Recompense for Billie. Either something to do with the tank or another Jayne’s hat for her. She was quite fond of Tristan’s.

5. Bonnita’s hat

6. Project for Les. Either Knithulu or starting of the sweater.

7. Birthday gloves for Amy. (She wants another color and I told her she would have to go to the end of the line.)

Otherwise, things are going fairly well. Les managed to wrangle a month’s free gym membership at a place close by. It’s not a great gym, but it’s free and it gives us time to bring Les’s other membership up to date. Money’s tight, but we’re doing ok, more than surviving, certainly. It’s a clear distinction around here.

There’s a clear attitude difference on the recession also. Africans are used to being poor, so hardly anybody is freaking out. The tone coming from the US is increasingly panicked.

Despite the money crunch, Mom and Dad will be visiting soon. They arrive on the 22nd, and then I’ll fly back with them on March 5th. Their trip has been planned a little bit, but leaving a lot of room to do whatever, which is what Dad likes. It’s going to be a fun time, I’m sure, and I’ll be happy to see them.

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Jan 24, 2009 2:04pm

Oh, I don’t know anymore.

Hello all, or few. Whoever is out there. Les and I are back from Cape Town and Durban. He had a company joll. We went to these other large cities and he and his colleagues gave long presentations about accounting software. I tried to occupy myself, with varying levels of success. There was a decent amount of drinking, and we really didn’t spend too much money on stuffs, but I did have to be up at 5am most mornings this week.

I did do a morning swim on Friday at 6am in Durban. I jumped off a pier and swam more than a kilometer in a very strong current. (I also had to watch out for pesky surfers.) I almost didn’t make the jump, but someone came along and helped me by counting down and jumping with me. I was very grateful.

Afterwards, Les and I went to a big Aquarium there, uShaka. It was very cool, but there was a ton of stuff we couldn’t do because we had to catch the plane back to Joburg. (SCUBA type stuff) I hope to go back and do those things fairly soon.

Friday night, Les and I went to Ul and Amy’s and played Time’s Up with several other couples. It was crazy fun and I would like to play again.

Today Les had an L5R thing and I worked on Ul’s belated Christmas present. Then we did some shopping and went to the office for the interwebs. We’re leaving now and I’m just trying to get a little update out before I run out.

Have a good day everybody!

PS - There was a big uproar in Cape Town regarding Pres Obama on the 20th. I’ve asked Les to do a guest spot to explain. He’s promised to do it later. :D

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Jan 9, 2009 4:43am

Back in the office

Hello! Back in Les’s office and surrounded by internet. Edited pictures from the Lion Park today; they’re up on my Flickr. There are more pictures to come, we’ve had some interesting weather recently, and I got some great rainbow shots.

Les and I are heading out fairly soon to get the headlight fixed on the Brave Little Toaster. I hope we’ll be all set for night driving this weekend. (It’s been a bit rough for the last few weeks.)

I left my phone at a New Year’s party and still haven’t gotten it back. Dad called half panicked at 1am last night, despite the fact that I’d told him I didn’t have my phone with me last week. Supposed to get it back this weekend, fingers crossed. (Incidentally, here in South Africa, I’d press my thumbs.)

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Jan 3, 2009 9:15am
Me with a black leopard cub. Photo taken by Les.

Me with a black leopard cub. Photo taken by Les.

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Jan 3, 2009 9:14am

Day after Lion Park

Les and I went to the Lion park yesterday with Ul and Amy. It was really lovely, but more of a game drive than a park - we were expecting a hour or two of stuff, but it’s obviously a full-day adventure. We’ll be more prepared next time.

I’m supposed to be editing pics - there are a lot of nice ones, but it’s not going to happen today. I’m still sick with this funky virus - it attacked early on New Year’s day and made me miserable yesterday. I’m all achy and funky and can’t concentrate on anything. Les was really sick with it for one day, but it took him a while to fully kick it. Thankfully, I didn’t have a day of pain and suffering like he did, but I would really like this nasty virus to leave me alone.

Though, it’s possible that getting sunstroke yesterday really left me open for attack.

buh. I’m going back to bed as soon as I have more Chuck.

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